Captian Julian Kell ’18 returns from Europe after ACHA D3 select team competition

Tribe Hockey welcomes back team captain Julian Kell '18 after two weeks on the road in Europe as a member of the ACHA D3 Select Team.

Julian's selection to the team was a result of his solid performance during the ACHA All Star Challenge tournament held in Philadelphia the first weekend in April 2016. He is the first Tribe Hockey player and only the third BRHC player ever to be selected for the national team.


Day 1: Practice in Albany, NY (Dec. 26)
Day 2: Fly to Oslo, Norway (Dec. 27)
Day 3: Tour Oslo and practice (Dec. 28)
Day 4: Fly to Kraków, Poland and tour city (Dec. 29)
Day 5: Tour Auschwitz (Oświęcim, Poland) and practice (Dec. 30)
Day 6: Game 1 vs. Akademy KTH 1928 (Kryncia, Poland) (Dec. 31)
Day 7: Tour Kryncia, Poland and travel to Banská Bystrica, Slovakia (Jan. 1)
Day 8: Game 2 vs. SK UMB Banská Bystrica (Jan. 2)
Day 9: Game 3 vs. Pressburg Diplomats (Budapest, Hungry) (Jan. 3)
Day 10: Game 4 vs. EUHL Select Team (Bratislava, Slovakia) (Jan. 4)
Day 11: Tour Prague, Czech Republic and Game 5 vs. UK Praha (Jan. 5)
Day 12: Fly to New York City, NY (Jan. 6)


The team played its first game against Akademy KTH 1928 Krynica in Krynica, Poland. The score was 3-3 going into the third period, but KTH 1928 pulled away late. Next, the team played UMB Banska, Bystrica in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. The next game was against the Pressburg Diplomats in Budapest, Hungry, and the team won 8-1. The team fell 4-1 in the fourth game against the EUHL Select Team at Ondrej Nepela Arena (KHL) in Nove Mesto, Slovakia. The team won 5-2 in its final game against UK Praha Praha, Czech Republic.