Tribe Hockey welcomes new Head Coach Adam Barger

With long time Head Coach Ken Felix retiring after over a decade of service to the team, we are pleased to announce that the search for someone worthy of taking the helm has been found.

Adam Barger joins Tribe Hockey in 2018. Adam grew up playing roller hockey in Pennsylvania (the Pittsburgh side!) and currently enjoys playing rec league ice hockey at the Tribe's home ice in Yorktown.

His coaching experiences in high school hockey and soccer inform his approach to gamesmanship and team-building as essential ingredients for a successful club. Adam is and alumnus and current employee of the College of William & Mary. He can be found on campus in Morton Hall where he leads the eLearning initiatives team in their efforts to effectively integrate technology into teaching and learning as well as develop hybrid and online courses.

A longtime Pittsburgh Penguins fan, Adam appreciates the community and heart that comes with a dedicated hockey team. Tribe Hockey is a great organization to develop these on-and-off ice characteristics.